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Practice-led research enables art and design practitioners approaches to discovering, applying and communicating original knowledge that have direct implications for their practice. Since the 1980s, the emergence of doctoral, practice-led research has opened the door for such practitioners to develop distinctive methodological approaches to the way they navigate knowing in action. 


The purpose of this interdisciplinary event is to increase awareness about practice-oriented approaches in Art and Design and to stimulate practitioners and educators to understand the possibilities of research methodologies. Presenters will demonstrate the potential of research when practice is an integrated component of study and constituted as a form of inquiry, to contextualise their practice from a ranges of methodological procedures and frameworks.

Since staying connected is critical and due to the limitations of travelling during the Covid-19 epidemic, the entirety of the conference will take place online from December 1st - 3rd 2021 (NZDT).

We invite the design community and scholars from all over the world to join us to be inspired by the shared experiences and stimulated by possibilities of practice-oriented research and the culture of practice in the design studio.

Marcos Mortensen Steagall and Sergio Nesteriuk

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