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3rd Edition

In recent years there has been a growing interest in the relation between research and Artistic and Design practice, and since the validation of practice-oriented research in universities in the 90s, an increasing number of art and design students can submit a creative work along with a written exegesis for assessment purposes.

The consolidation of MA and PhD programmes that incorporate practice in research are growing, and they forge new institutional dimensions where experimentation, critical thinking and practice are occurring simultaneously. Practice is a crucial area for innovation and is particularly important to be considered and weighted on the changes and transformations academic institutions and curricula are facing globally.

The purpose of LINK 2021 is to increase awareness about practice-oriented approaches in Art and Design and to stimulate practitioners and educators to share their approaches and methodologies. 

Presenters will demonstrate the potential of research when practice is an integrated component of study and constituted as a form of inquiry, from a range of methodological procedures and frameworks.

We invite the design community and scholars from all over the world to join us to be inspired by the shared experiences and stimulated by possibilities of practice-oriented research and the culture of practice in the design studio.

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