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Dead Ice

Jonathan Kay


SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg
SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg
SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg

‘Dead Ice’ examines two long-term projects (‘Ice Field’ and ‘Negative Mass’) that question whether ‘photography can facilitate an intimate connection with a fragile landscape so alien to our everyday environment?’. In response to this query, both projects have employed a methodology that simulates scientific ‘fieldwork’, where observation and data collection provide insights into specific environments. This fieldwork is centred around the unique site-specific possibilities of the photographic medium and goes beyond the expected landscape image. This camera-less process creates a direct relationship between landscape and medium, therefore the photogram becomes the location where site, space and matter are directly connected. The works in ‘Dead Ice’ were made with simple materials but speak to a poignant and layered issue we are confronted with on a global scale: the gradual melting of ice caps and glaciers in this age of climate change.

Jonathan Kay

Massey University School of Art

Jonathan Kay is a photographic artist and lecturer in photography living in Te Whanganui-a-Tara/Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand. His practice focuses on blurring the boundaries of art and science to render the unseen and challenge notions of landscape. His methodology employs photographic interventions within the landscape that are site specific and responsive. Exhibitions include Negative Mass (Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland), WAI - Manga Maha, Awa Kotahi | One River, Many Streams, (Aratoi -Wairarapa Museum of Art and History) Masterton and Nothing but Dust, (Wellington Museum). He completed a MFA with distinction at Massey University, Wellington, in 2013.



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