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Dialectical Flow

Christian Grinstein

Dafne Michellepsis


SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg
SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg
SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg

Video performance that slides through the web of memories and sensations. The body of a woman who becomes lost in the seek of self and despite that, moves on balancing herself between the chronological time and the states of suspension and of absence of time provided by dancing. It consists of the idea of two characters within the same woman, with no distinction of time and space, as if they dance with one another in an enclosed room, opposed to the open space on the other side of the glass - as if it can only be seen, but not touched - to the sound of Knee 5, a piece of the opera Einstein on the Beach, by Philip Glass, in which people who have changed the thinking of their time through the power of ideas, not military power, are celebrated. Symbolically important in the current political scenario in Brazil.

Christian Grinstein, Et. al.

State University of São Paulo "Julio de Mesquita Filho"

Christian Grinstein, member of AMC - Association of Cinema Editors -, is a master in Arts by the Art Institute of UNESP, specialist in Cinema Critics by FAAP and graduated in Communication by ESPM, where was also a teacher for eight and a half years. Is part of the research strand "Accessible Devices for Virtual and Augmented Realities" of the GIIP-IA/UNESP (International and Inter-institutional Group of Research in Arts, Science and Technology of the Arts Institute of UNESP - São Paulo State University) and today works as audiovisual editor since 1996, for advertising, series and films.

Dafne Michellepis is a master in Arts by the Art Institute of UNESP, graduated in Dance by UNICAMP and licensed in Pedagogy by Alfa América. Since 1997 acts with Balangandança Cia. of contemporary dancing for children. Is part of GEPGEE, Group of Studies of Pedagogy, Gestures, Expression and Education of the Education Faculty at USP. Dance teacher for Middle School at Escola Viva (2004-2018). Certified by San Francisco International Orff Course (2018). Has realized the scenic direction for Barbatuques group of percussion (2018). Ministers workshops for teachers focusing on body language. Acts as actress, presenter and voiceover in advertising films.



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