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Ecologies of Movement

Lucinda Boermans


SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg
SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg
SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg

Lucinda Boermans’ installation practice explores Ecologies of Movement after Guattari’s notion of ecosophy that challenges us to re-think the philosophical basis of our pedagogical relationship with Nature. Boermans understands ecological relations via existential mutations, the utopic and the power of storytelling in response to her primary social concern: the effect of digital media upon the human condition.

How we communicate with one another affects how we relate to each other - physically, mentally and spiritually - and, in turn, how we respond to our environment - our ecologies.

Driven by a fascination of movement, explored within four-fold coordinates: within a relational space, within open dialogue, within physical dialogue and within a space of ludic exploration, Boermans looks to the value of language beyond the visible by encouraging us to consider interpersonal relations on multiple levels (in time, space and in person with others).

Lucinda Boermans

Media Design School

Lucinda Boermans is an interdisciplinary artist based in East Auckland. Boermans’ practice derives from an interest in movement, embodied experience, language and learning. Central to her practice is research-based enquiry that focuses upon relational aesthetics, affect theory and transformation. Boermans looks to a “grammar of change” through new modes of perception (relational resonance) to question our relationship with digital technologies and their role in society. Seen as acts of silent activism (in the making) they are ways in which the aesthetic may be linked to the ethical. Boermans works with photography, video, sound, sculpture and print.



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