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Yifan Uya


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SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg
SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg

Godwit is a moving image and sound experiment created by Auckland University of Technology, Master of Design student Yifan Uya. Inspired by the Māori renaissance, the work is part of Yifan's research about the structural design of contemporary mythopoetic storytelling. Revisiting the indigenous Eastern Shamanism and Taoism cultural elements with contemporary contexts.

Godwit is a migratory bird that resonates with Yifan's personal story of transformation as a first-generation immigrant. He was born in a small coal-mining town around Ulankhad (Chifeng), Inner Mongolia, China, with a Manchurian and Chinese heritage. He grew up in another Chinese city called Nanjing. Eventually, He landed in Aotearoa by himself at age 18 to pursue a rather explorative journey.

The godwit visits his ancestors' habitats to feed in-between their flight from New Zealand to Alaska. Their long-endurance flight resonates with his story of searching for future growth between different cultures and geographic locations.

Yifan Uya

Auckland University of Technology

Yifan Uya is an Inner Mongolia, China born award winning designer and an infamous underground musician based in Auckland New Zealand. Yifan used to be known as Wade Wu, who “sets the tone of the image from the cover with well thought out concepts. Wade is engaged in responsive design that compliments the content.” “A designer who does not conform to industry stereotypes. He understands balance between editorial and good design, which invigorates informative content.” According to the New Zealand media publishing experts.



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