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Table Lamp - Prelude for Lute

Luís Gustavo Gonçalves Costa


SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg
SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg
SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg
The table lamp design is the result of craftsmanship. digital and its initial concept is the Joahannes Sebastian Bach “Prelude for Lute song”. Prelude is an introductory piece to a larger work, such as an opera, for example. The creation process takes place in 3 steps: the first is the modeling of the Lute, with the realistic creation of the components, musical instrument materials and colors in the Rhinoceros® software; the second is the deconstruction of the shape, slicing the volume into the three Cartesian planes and the selection of emphatic pieces, rosette of the soundhole, neck, strings, bridge and soundboard; the last step is the digital fabrication in laser cutting and the mounting the luminaire. In this way, the luminaire is structured in two verticals parte and locked by horizontal pieces repeated in the cadence of the frets of the instrument arm, resting on the bracket that houses transformers and power supply. Thus, the prelude announces Fac si Lux.

Luis Gustavo Gonçalves Costa

University Centre of Fine Arts of Sao Paulo

Master in Architecture and Urbanism: Concentration area Heritage Conservation and Restoration by the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA- 2010). Has in course of Management and Practice of Heritage Conservation and Restoration Works Cultural at the Center for Advanced Studies of Integrated Conservation (CECI-2006). Specialist in Architectural Heritage: Preservation and Restoration by Cruzeiro do Sul University (UNICSUL-2004). Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism by the State University of Londrina (UEL-2000). Is a member of International Scientific Committee of the Ibero-American Society of Digital Graphics, (SIGRADI 2012 to 2021). Damage and Nova Mapping Researcher technologies and graduate student in Digital Architecture and parametric projects at Centro Universitário de Belas Artes-SP, and Coordinator of courses in architecture and urbanism, visual arts and interior design at the University Santo Amaro (UNISA)



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